Reports on the public perception of the 2019 Extinction Rebellion actions in London

In April and October 2019, the Extinction Rebellion took actions in London involving the occupations of key road junctions and the targeting of government departments and businesses in central London, resulting in great disruption to road traffic and almost 3000 arrests. The actions were aimed at changing UK Government policy to minimise the catastrophes associated with climate and ecological breakdown.

Studies of the public perception of these actions were undertaken by Ben Kenward, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Oxford Brookes, and Cameron Brick, then Research Associate at Cambridge University, in association with the Extinction Rebellion UK Impact Assessment Working Group. These studies are intended to increase the effectiveness of Extinction Rebellion's operations and also bring the data to the public and academic worlds.

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Primary manuscript

These studies have now (2023) been written up into a manuscript currently undergoing academic peer-review, available to read here.

October 2019

What gets rebels onto the streets? 20/01/2020

Local actions

Response to disruptive vs. less disruptive locally organized Extinction Rebellion protests. 14/07/2020.

Original April 2019 reports (now superceded by this 2023 manuscript)

Public opinion of the 2019 London April Rebellion: Before, during, and after. 19/07/2019.

Comprehensive report on experimental study: How exposure to media about the 2019 London April Rebellion affected the UK general public. 06/06/2019.

Brief Citizens Assembly-focused report: The GB public is positive towards a Citizens Assembly to tackle climate and ecological breakdown. 30/04/2019

Brief summary report showing: the public are concerned about climate breakdown, don't believe the Government is doing much, would like a Citizens Assembly, and were initially more supportive of than opposed to the April Rebellion. 22/04/2019