Ben Kenward's music

Bands I'm in

Mobius played its first gig recently in November 2017. I play fiddle (although not so far on any recordings). The music is some kind of post-punk rock with metal tinges.

A Stockholm-based American old-time folk band called The Forlorn Five. We still manage occasional gigs although members live in different countries.

Most of what I do at the moment is actually at pub sessions, mainly playing English folk music. There are loads of good sessions in Oxford.

I haven't done it for years, but I like to produce beats - I like to try and mix dirty and beautiful. You can see some examples here (including some tracks with vocals by MC Brio).

Bands I used to be in

My first band in Oxford was called Red Star Cycle. We briefly reformed in 2014 for our ten year anniversary!

Till 2015 I was in a Stockholm-based experimental jazz/rock/electronic band called Neon Heart. They are still going strong after my move back to the UK.

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